Tips to quickly clean your house

Tips to Quickly Clean Your House

Are you having company over but not enough time to thoroughly clean your house? No sweat! Follow these tips to quickly clean your house and it will look presentable in no time.

These tips are especially meant for those days when you have company coming over but don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning of your house. You still want it to look presentable, so spend an hour or so (involve your family and it will take even less time!) and your house will look great.

Tips to Quickly Clean Your House:

Focus on the main rooms your guest will be in, and just do a light touch up cleaning in the other rooms.

Start high and move low, do a quick inventory of each room and see what needs to be done. If you are a list person, start a list. If not, just make a mental note of what needs to be done.

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Tips to Quickly Clean Your House

Begin in the room which needs the most work.

You have to start somewhere and you may as well start in the neediest room when you have the most energy. Turn on some music to motivate you and…dive in.

Living Room, Bedroom, Family Room, Dining Room

Move from high to low and work on the areas you wrote down on your list (or mental note). Check ceilings and walls for cobwebs. Quickly run a dust cloth (or feather duster) over all wall hangings, furniture, t.v.s, baseboards, and knick knacks in the room.

Make the beds (only applies to the bedroom, obviously). Pick up and organize (or stick in a laundry basket for now) any clutter you come across.

Empty the garbage cans. Sweep and mop, or vacuum the floor. Do a quick look around–how does it look? Did you miss anything? If it looks good, move on to the next room and repeat.

Microfiber Dust Cloths or Feather Dusters are Your BFFS.

Check your local dollar store and pick some of these up. They work great for a quick dust off when you don’t have time to get out the spray and do a really stellar job.

Put clutter in a laundry basket for now.

Unless your home is overrun with laundry baskets, this will cause you to take care of the clutter soon after your company leaves because you will need that basket soon. After they leave (or the next day), go through the items in the basket and either put them in their proper places, find them a place, or find them new homes if you no longer need or use them.


First, clean the mirror. Then check the ceiling for cobwebs and remove them. Next, dust off the tops of light switches, towel bars, etc. (Whip out your handy dandy microfiber cloth or duster we spoke so highly of before to do this.)

Then wipe down the countertops of the vanity and clean the sink. Move on to the shower or bathtub and spray it all down. Now, wipe down the tiles or walls, then clean the bottom of it.

Next, add cleaner to the inside of the toilet bowl and let it sit while you clean the outside. When done with the outside of the toilet, use a brush (not a hairbrush-ha!) and scrub down the inside.

Empty the garbage can. Wipe down the baseboards. Finally, sweep and mop the floor. Do a quick look around–if it looks good–Viola! You are done. Move on to the next room.

Spraying down those hard to clean surfaces and letting them soak while you clean other areas makes it super easy to scrub them squeaky clean.


First, take care of any clutter that has accumulated by organizing it if you have time, or using that laundry basket to deal with later. (Hint: make sure to deal with it asap after guests leave, especially if you stick any important papers or bills in there. If you tend to be forgetful like me, add a reminder to your calendar.)

Then check for any areas that have cobwebs or need dusted, if really short on time just dust the obvious areas. If you have a few more minutes, check corners, tops of small appliances, wall hangings, cupboards, etc. and dust them as needed.

Click here to download this FREE Quick Cleaning Checklist

Tips to Quickly Clean Your House

Load the dishwasher and run it, or wash any dirty dishes. If you have a lot of dishes and won’t need your oven, you can always stick them in there for now. (I’ve never personally done this but have many friends who utilize that tip. Just don’t forget to take them out before preheating your oven later!)

Now, wipe down the countertops, stove top, table top, and large appliances. Run a duster or rag over the baseboards real quick. Empty the garbage cans. Sweep and mop the floor.

Do a quick look around–how does it look? Did you miss anything? If it looks good, you are done.

Turn cleaning into a race–see if you can finish this room faster than the previous room.

Hallway, Entryway, Porch

Once you have completed all of those rooms, check any hallways, entryways, porches, etc. that will be used and spot clean them until they are ready to be seen.

When you are done, do a quick walk-through to make sure everything looks spiffy and nothing was missed.

Tips to Quickly Clean Your House

Now pat yourself on the back and sit down and drink a cup of your favorite beverage and relax because your house is ready. Yay!

Did this method to quickly clean your house work for you? What tips can you share?

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