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Our Favorite Single Player Games For Kids

Single player games for kids come in handy when you really need to keep your kids busy but don’t want them using screen time. Our family also likes to play single player games as a family by each taking a turn to solve a puzzle or challenge with everyone watching, then the next person takes a turn. Some of these games can also be taken in the car on a trip.

Chocolate Fix

I love this game! My family has played it a lot over the years. It is challenging for kids and adults. The chocolates shapes make it extra fun. It’s a clue solving game for ages 8 and up. If you enjoy solving logic puzzles, buy Chocolate Fix for your kids—and you can play it too!

Rush Hour

Kids enjoy playing Rush Hour. There are varying skill levels included in the game, from beginner to expert. 40 challenges are included. It is for ages 8 and up. There is also a Rush Hour Jr. for ages 5 and up. Both versions of the game have a 5 star rating on Amazon.

Clever Castles

Clever Castles is also a clue solving game but it’s a little different than Rush Hour. It was also slightly less challenging for my daughter. The suggested ages are 5-7. When writing this, I discovered that it may be hard to find (I bought it in a specialty toy store at a mall several years back) maybe you could find it at a thrift store, specialty toy store, or on eBay.


I played Perfection as a kid, now I play it with my kids. It is fast moving and gets your heart racing trying to get the shapes in and beat the timer. It’s for ages 5 and up.

Snap Circuits

Is Snap Circuits a game? Maybe not, but it is for a single player (although kids may need help with some items). It will keep your kids entertained (and learning!) for awhile, then they can show you what they designed. It’s for ages 8 and up. There is also a Snap Circuits Jr. for ages 8 and up as well, but is just a little easier.

Cat Crimes

Another clue solving game that is easy to learn and has different levels of challenges to complete. The cat pieces are cute and animal lovers will enjoy using them. There are 40 challenges included. It is for ages 8 and up.

Pattern Blocks

You can use Pattern Blocks in many different ways, including, learning shapes and colors, sorting by shapes or colors, or use them with the pattern block cards as intended. They are for ages 3-8, roughly.


MiniLUK is almost like a little gaming system (not electronic). There are different puzzles booklets you can buy of varying skill levels and themes. You just need a “MiniLUK controller” and then you use that with any of the puzzle booklets. Kids find MiniLUK fun and challenging. The booklets are for kids of different ages, ranging from 5-7 to 8 and up.

There is also a preschool version called BambinoLUK, it uses a different controller.

In our family, those are some of our favorite single player games for kids. Which single player games for kids does your family enjoy?

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