reasons moms need a hobby

3 Reasons Moms Need A Hobby

What are the reasons moms need a hobby?

Well, as a mom it’s likely your life is busy. Probably more like extremely busy. Not only do you have meals to prepare, a house to clean, and laundry, you also have errands to run, appointments to go to, as well as your kids’ extra curricular activities. And let’s not forget you actually have kids to take care of each day too! It’s exhausting to even think about all we juggle as moms.

To maintain your sanity as a mom, there are a couple of things which are essential—organization and a hobby. Organization is a must with all that we juggle, but a hobby? Why in the world would that be included in a list of essentials?

Need some tips to help you get organized?

3 Reasons Moms Need a Hobby:

1) Hobbies relieve stress and tension

Spending time doing something you truly enjoy will allow you to focus on doing something you enjoy. Does that make sense? If all of your focus is on doing something you actually like doing, not just something you have to do, you will be able to relax and enjoy it. Everything else will melt away temporarily and you will be at peace.

A hobby or some type of creative outlet has the ability to lift your spirits. It keeps your mind busy and relaxes you at the same time.

At this season in my life, I am very busy and facing many stressful situations. One of my closest friends is in hospice care and that is one of my biggest “stressors” right now.

I really don’t have time for a hobby that I need to set aside a lot of time for, but I do try to spend a few minutes each day (or twice a day) doing something I enjoy, like knitting. (Interested in knitting? Here are my favorite knitting needles. Now they come with color coded cords–I’m jealous!)

I work a few rows of a simple project, then stick it away and get back to whatever I was doing. Just taking those 10 minutes to work on something I enjoy lowers my stress a lot.

2.) Hobbies can help you grow and connect with others

We are excellent at signing our kids up for lessons and classes, and encouraging them to have hobbies—think of the money we spend on those classes and the time driving them to and fro!

It’s easy to forget that we also benefit from learning new things. It challenges us and pushes us to grow.

Hobbies also provide you with common ground to make connections with other women who share the same interests. A hobby helps you feel like a “real person” instead of just a mom. 🙂 Ha! We are “real people”, right?!

It’s so easy to spend our days taking care of our families and start to kind of forget that we have interests and hobbies, outside of just “mom” things.

3.) Hobbies provide a refreshing change from your daily routine

If you’re a stay at home mom, like me, you may be frustrated because at the end of the day you can hardly point to anything you’ve “done”.

Husband: “What did you do today?”

Well, let’s see. I got the kids up and ready for the day. Then, I straightened up the living room 50 times, (after the toddler dumped out all of the toys 50 times). I washed the crib sheets two times (the baby leaked out of his diaper during the night and at nap time). I cleaned the floor (mopped it up after the dog threw up). And I deep cleaned the kitchen (after the baby and toddler spilled food all over while “helping me” prepare dinner).” 🙂

Are your days ever like that? Housework and childcare are two “jobs” which will never be “done”. It’s nice to take a break and just focus on something fun for awhile. It can be a refreshing change of pace.

Years ago, women pursued hobbies like knitting, sewing, or quilting not just because they enjoyed them, but also to provide value to their family by making physical clothes, bedding, or other items, or by generating some much need income. If you are able to turn your hobby into a side business or make things your family can use—go for it!

Some hobbies, like gardening or walking, can even provide great exercise along with all of the other benefits listed above.

Relieving stress and tension, growing personally, connecting with others, and breaking up your typical routine are all reasons moms need a hobby.

If you could use some relief from stress, are looking to grow and connect with other women, and/or need a little change from your normal routine, consider taking up a hobby. It doesn’t need to be a super complicated or time consuming hobby, just something enjoyable. If you dedicate a little time each day (or even each week!) to a hobby, you will likely be a calmer, happier, and more peaceful mom.

What hobbies do you enjoy as a mom?

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