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Outdoor Activities For Kids

Spring is here and it’s a great time time to get outside more. If you are looking for some outdoor activities for kids, I’ve got ya covered. Most of these ideas can be adapted to any child, no matter their age. And they are activities you can do in your own yard, driveway, or neighborhood.

Take a walk

This is a great opportunity to spend some time together as a family and walk around the neighborhood. Or you could drive to a nearby park to walk around, if you’d rather.

Climb a tree

Do you have any good trees to climb in your yard? You can be there close to help them get started and to spot them. They’ll be professional climbers in no time. There is just something about being up in a tree that is hard to beat when you are young. (I’m too scared to attempt it now though–yikes!)

Go on a scavenger hunt

When I was a kid my mom would write down things for us to find on a piece of paper and send us outside on a scavenger hunt. What fun! It was one of my favorite activities. I liked to find everything then compare it with what my brother had found. Then we’d head inside to show my mom.

You can think up your own items for your child to find or you can use one of the FREE printable lists in my Shop. You can find them here and here. Maybe your kids will even want to make you a list of items to find.

Sit down on a blanket in the grass and play or read

Take an old blanket outside and some books or toys, then sit down and enjoy reading or playing outside. Sometimes a book or toy just seems more fun outdoors.

Take out balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.

Get that sports equipment out of the garage and outside. This is great exercise for the kids (and you!). You can see what new skills they have learned since the last time you had it out.

Ride bikes or scooters

This is another fun way to get some exercise. You can go out on sidewalks in your neighborhood, a nearby park, or even just in your driveway.

Draw with sidewalk chalk

Let the kids go crazy with colorful chalk. They can decorate sidewalks and the driveway. You could play a game and try to guess what someone is drawing. Or have someone lay on the cement and trace an outline around them.

Would you like a printable list of these outdoor activities for kids?

outside activities for kids

Blow bubbles

Make your own bubbles and bubble wands or buy them at the store. We invested in a battery operated bubble blower last year and I don’t regret it at all. My toddler is fascinated by the continuous stream of bubbles magically coming out of it. We also like to blow bubbles the old fashioned way.

Start a rock collection

Have everyone fill a bucket with whatever interesting rocks they find. Then gather together and have a show and tell time. You can keep the favorites in a bucket somewhere and add to it as you find new ones.

Play follow the leader

Give everyone a turn being the leader. Chances are this game will bring out a lot of laughs at all the different things the leader will have you do.

Dig in sand, dirt, or bring out dry beans or pasta from inside

Whatever you have, let them dig in it for awhile. Take out some old containers or sand shovels and buckets. Most kids love to scoop, pour, and fill containers. If the kids are older you may consider planting flowers or vegetables with them.

Or, if it is warm enough, you could let them play with a bucket of water, filling and pouring.

Study the clouds

Lay down on the blanket you took outside and look up at the clouds. Take turns describing what they look like to you. Or have one person describe what they see and another try to draw it based on their description.

Make self portraits using items from nature

We did this when my daughter was young and I think we still have them somewhere. Use sticks, leaves, rocks, etc. and arrange them on a paper so they look like a face. Then glue them to the page when you get them just right. Take pictures of each masterpiece next to its artist.

Pick up sticks

Why not make chores fun? If everyone pitches in, it gets done quicker. You could time how long it takes so everyone works quickly. Or give a simple prize to the person who collects the most or has the best attitude (like a “go to bed 30 minutes later than usual” ticket, or something like that). You could team up if you have some little ones.

Some days fly by and it is hard to get outside, but whenever you make the time, it is always worth it. The fresh air and outdoor freedom seem to put everyone in a better mood. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to get outside and have fun this spring.

What are some things your family likes to do outdoors?

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