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Ordinary Moms Matter

You are busy. You clean the house, try to keep up with the laundry, and make sure everyone is fed. You educate your kids while simultaneously watching and entertaining your littles. You often approach the day low on sleep from being awakened in the night by your baby (or toddler, or, well… whichever kid didn’t sleep the night before). Your patience is tried daily by the roller coaster of emotions gushing out of your pre-teens and teens.

You may struggle to keep up with it all. You aren’t perfect, and will fail. But your heart fills with love for each child as you think of them and pray for them.

Precious mom, you matter.

You may experience ups and downs, but you matter. Of all the women in the world, God chose you to be the mother of each of your children and you never take that lightly.

I had to spend a few hours in the emergency room recently. I woke up with a leg cramp. It went away but later that leg started hurting. The following day it was still sore so my husband came home from work to watch the kids so I could run to urgent care and have it checked. The doctor there sent me to the ER to run some tests to rule out a blood clot.

What I had hoped would only take about an hour turned into a seven hour ordeal.

In the ER, I was taken back into a room and told to change into a gown. I did as told and then waited for someone to come in. Soon, a doctor and nurse came in, both male.

I was impressed almost immediately with both, but especially with the nurse. His attention to detail and thoughtful manner were incredible. The doctor had me remove my socks to check for swelling in my legs. Within seconds of him finishing that, the nurse put them back on.

When the doctor left the room, the nurse tried to put my mind at ease about the blood clot by telling me a story about a bad leg cramp he had a few years back that caused pain for a couple of days, similar to what I was experiencing. It didn’t alleviate all of my worries, but I appreciated the effort.

He also made sure my door was shut for privacy, my call button was within reach, and that all of the cords from the machines hooked up to me were untangled and out of my way. (I didn’t realize how much I appreciated that until the tech who brought me back from the ultrasound reconnected everything and then left without untangling or moving it out of my way. For several minutes, I kept moving the cords trying to arrange them so they weren’t rubbing against my arm.)

It turned out the pain must have been related to the leg cramp and not a blood clot–phew! After I was back home my mind started processing the previous several hours.

I realized that many of the thoughtful things the nurse had done reminded me of motherhood. How things moms do day in and day out make their children feel cared for and loved.

Even though they may not hear it often, moms matter. You matter.

Putting socks on

Whether or not you are literally putting your kids’ socks on every day, you make sure they always have clean socks to put on. You care enough about them to make sure they are provided with warm clothes if the weather is cold, and lightweight clothes if it is warm. If their socks get holes in them, you buy them new ones.

You are faithful to care for all of their needs. They may not notice all of the little things you do to care for them, but I’m sure they would be noticed immediately if you ever stopped. Even though it is often a thankless job, it matters. You matter.

Telling a story to help ease anxiety

You probably have a bunch of stories about your own life, or things you have read or heard, stored up to share with your children when they need to hear them. It may be when they are nervous about trying something new, or maybe when they are feeling sad.

Whatever it is, you are ready to jump in and ease their mind. You demonstrate your love for them by showing that you can relate to them, that you were young too and experienced similar situations.

Sometimes your stories will help them, other times they will flop (I hear from my daughter at times “that didn’t help at all”), but either way they know you care enough to try to help them through any situation.

Shutting the door for privacy

Your kids will need to be alone at times to try to work through some feelings themselves. Even as toddlers, they need to be allowed to throw a tantrum on the floor without us interfering right away.

It can be hard to give our kids space when we see them in hurting. It is our natural reaction to try to jump right in and ask what is wrong and brainstorm solutions. Often, giving them a little space will help them figure it out on their own, or give them the chance to come to us in their own time looking for a little help or guidance.

Though we are always available to them for support and help, giving them space will show them we believe in them and their ability to figure things out on their own. Allowing them that bit of privacy is important.

Moving cords out of the way and untangling them

Hopefully your children don’t literally have a bunch of cords hooked up to them that you need to physically move out of the way to keep them comfortable (if they do–I am so sorry!), but there are things you do several times a day to make them comfortable. You provide them with a warm home to live in and meals or snacks when they are hungry.

You search for a homeschool curriculum that suits their learning style, and make adjustments to their education as needed. You buy them games, toys, and books to stimulate their minds. You pick them up when they fall, and hold them when they cry.

You are probably the first person they think of when they need to be comforted. Stop and think about that–you have created such a nurturing environment that you are the one they run to when they need comfort. What an honor!

You are the one they run to when they need comfort.

Motherhood is an incredible job. It is full of joys and challenges, all intertwined. Sometimes we get lost just surviving the day and we make it through without thinking much. Other days we may struggle with one of our kids, or just get caught up in the challenges of the day, and start to wonder if anything we are doing really matters. Does our job as a mom even matter very much?

There is no doubt about it, being a mom is hard. One of the first things we discover after having a baby–it’s not all roses and rainbows, it’s hard work. We tend to think the next stage of childhood will make it a little easier on us, only to find each stage has its own unique challenges.

It’s true, the hard work never ends, but the joy never ends either. The ways that moms sprinkle meaningful moments and actions throughout the day makes a lasting impact on their kids. Lives are changed because of mothers.

So, no matter how you are feeling today, faithful mom, remember–moms matter. You matter. You mean the world to your kids and that holds more worth than having the highest award bestowed upon you.

Carry on, dear mom. You deeply matter, and to the most important ones.

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