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Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you need to miss out on field trips. In fact, in many ways homeschooling makes it easier to go on field trips because you set your own schedule. (Woo-hoo!)

Do you have a group of friends who also homeschool? Consider forming a group of homeschool families to go together on field trips. Some field trips will work best with a group instead of just your family, even if it’s just a small group. Most of the ideas in the list below will work with just your family though.

Before going to some of the places on the list, you will need to call first and schedule a tour. Find out if there is a cost and if there are any requirements, for example, to have a certain number of people in your group. Once you have that information, you can plan your trip.

I know it can be hard to come up with ideas of places you can visit so I made a list of homeschool field trip ideas for you:

State Capitol Building

County Courthouse

Wind Farm

Large Nearby Working Farm

Gymnastics/Ninja Gym

Humane Society

State Park

Living History Museum

Local Orchard



Art Museum

Local Museum

Go to a Play/Musical

Ice Skating Rink

Roller Skating Rink

Dairy Farm

T.V. Station

Newspaper Office

Hispanic or Asian Market

Military Base

Farmer’s Market


Botanical Garden



Local Park

Police Station

Fire Station

Post Office


Children’s Museum

Something Your City or State is Known For

Anytime you go somewhere on a field trip consider taking notebooking pages for your kids to write down what they learn. They can fill them out during the tour or in the car on the way home.

You could also check out some library books ahead of time, or after, and have a mini unit study about that topic. Add some pictures of your trip and put them together with the notebooking pages in a binder or booklet to show all they have learned.

Homeschool field trips can be very simple or more involved. They require a little planning but are well worth it. Your kids will probably learn (and retain) much more on a field trip than just reading about it in a book.

Would you like a FREE printable list of these homeschool field trip ideas and some notebooking pages your kids can use to record what they learned?

There is a color option and black and white option for the Homeschool Field Trip Ideas page; the notebooking pages are all black and white.

What other field trip ideas do you have?

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