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5 Fun Nature Themed Story Starters (& Writing Prompts) For Middle School

At times it can be hard to motivate kids to write. Writing is hard work and can be pretty tedious. That’s where these Fun Nature Themed Story Starters and Writing Prompts come in.

Often giving kids ideas that are FUN to think about opens up their imagination and the ideas start flowing. Writing is an important skill to have and you get better at it with lots of practice.

Pull out these Fun Nature Themed Story Starters and Writing Prompts to add some practice to your school day that kids will enjoy (or as a fun activity during the summer, that your kids may never guess is actually schoolwork).

Nature is all around us, but do we notice it? Of course we know nature is full of living things, but what if we imagine different items in nature as living beings with thoughts and feelings?

1. A butterfly’s view on the differences between a butterfly and caterpillar

Writing Prompt: What would it be like to only know life as a caterpillar–a worm, practically–and then be transformed into a beautiful butterfly? Where once you could only inch along watching out for feet so you wouldn’t be squished, then to experience the world fluttering high above the ground you used to know so well. What would you like/dislike about each of these lives? What new challenges would await you as a butterfly?

Story Starter: I know what it’s like to crawl along the ground. You see, I used to be a caterpillar. Now I have wings and my life has completely changed. Here’s my story…

2. My life during the day–a firefly’s perspective

Writing Prompt: Night is where you shine–literally! But what about during the day? Most of the other fireflies are sleeping during the day but you decide to stay up and see what life is like during the daylight hours. What new experiences do you have? How do others view you when your light doesn’t shine and you no longer stand apart from the “insect next door”?

Story Starter: Yesterday I decided to stay awake and experience the world during the daytime. Here’s what happened…

3. What it’s like to get mowed week after week–told by a blade of grass

Writing Prompt: A little blade of grass, blending in, unnoticed. But what if that blade could talk? What would he/she tell us? What is it like to grow so tall and proud, only to be mowed down, not once or twice, but week after week? Do you give up and lose heart? Do you keep hoping that the mower won’t get you this week? Do you try to grow faster than the other blades of grass so you can feel the wind blowing you to and fro before getting mowed down–again?

Story Starter: I’m just a single blade of grass. I’d like to grow nice and tall but just as I start to shoot up, something happens. You see, …

4. A spider spills the beans about coping when humans keep wiping away their carefully designed cobwebs

Writing Prompt: A spider carefully and skillfully spins its web. It finally gets it just right–and then a human comes along and wipes it away all for the sake of “cleaning”. Do you get frustrated? Or are you determined to spin another web, even more intricate than the last? Do you move to another location and hope for the best? When and how do you discover that your precious web is gone forever and how do you feel?

Story Starter: I am a master of design. I can make the most intricate, delicate web you’ve ever seen–a true masterpiece. But it never seems to last…

5. A weed trying to survive in a “pull the weeds” kind of world

Writing Prompt: Probably the least desired part of a yard or a garden is a weed that has popped up. But could weeds have feelings? What is their life like–growing up only to be plucked from the earth or sprayed with a chemical to get rid of them? Do they try to defend themselves or just accept life as it is and get along as best as they can? Do they sense when a gardener is coming close, about to pluck them out of the ground? Do they try to pop up in old forgotten gardens and yards already overrun with other weeds?

Story Starter: Here I am, a tiny little weed, just trying to make it in the world. One minute I’m enjoying the sunshine, then a hand reaches down and yanks me out of the ground. I don’t understand…

You can use these ideas as story starters or writing prompts. You may be surprised at just how creative your kid’s writing can be with a few fun writing prompts or story starters, and just how much they can write when they are motivated.

Would you like to have these Fun Nature Themed Story Starters & Writing Prompts as a printable pack with writing papers included?

Did you kids enjoy these Fun Nature Themed Story Starters and Writing Prompts? Did they come up with any ideas of their own to write about?

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