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Reasons You Should Consider Participating In Homeschool Enrichment Classes Or A Co-op

Homeschooling can be tiring and overwhelming. It can get very lonely doing it on our own day in and day out. Homeschool Enrichment Classes and Co-ops are a great way to break things up and offer your family new opportunities.

What are Homeschool Enrichment Classes and Co-ops? Each will vary in their setup and rules but, generally speaking, they are a group of homeschool families gathered at a location where different classes and activities are offered. The classes and activities are generally offered and taught by homeschool parents. Co-ops usually require participation of parents while parent involvement may be optional at Enrichment Classes.

Are Homeschool Enrichment Classes and Co-ops expensive? Generally, no. Check online for some options in your area and inquire about their setup and costs. There are even some online Co-ops offered for FREE. Virtual Homeschool Group is one. Outta’ Box Homeschooling is another. Hoeden At Home is a third one, it offers some free classes, and also has very low subscription to participate in their other classes. Note: I have never personally participated in any of these options but I think they are worth a look, especially if there aren’t any groups in your area.

Here are 5 Ways Homeschool Enrichment Classes and Co-ops are beneficial to your homeschool:

1. They offer more variety of classes and activities for your children

Chances are you aren’t an expert on every subject. Some activities work better with a group of kids (like drama, for instance) and is hard to do with just one family. The local Enrichment Classes we participate in offers everything from core subjects to art, chess, knitting, drama, and the list goes on and on. It changes from semester to semester, depending on what parents sign up to teach.

2. They give your children opportunities to learn from other adults

Not only does this give you a little break from teaching certain subjects, it can be really beneficial for your children to experience learning from different teachers. Each teacher will bring a unique approach to their class and your children will need to adapt to that style. It will also be another opportunity to learn about respecting others, adults and other students.

3. Your children will make friends there

They will have the opportunity to meet other kids living a similar lifestyle to theirs and will likely make some good friends. It also gives them the chance to see those friends weekly. Being around other kids is beneficial to both social butterflies and kids who are more reserved.

4. You will find friends and support there

Not only will your children find friends, you will too! Gone will be the days of feeling all alone. You will get the chance to be around several other moms. It is a great place to ask questions about curriculum, share struggles, and just be able to chat with like-minded woman.

It’s true that us homeschool moms tend to have very strong personalities and convictions, (which is most likely part of the reason we homeschool–we have strong feelings about education) but we are also very loyal and respectful. I love being around other homeschool moms!

5. They may offer a chance for your child to perform

Our local Enrichment Classes have a Grand Finale the evening of our last class of the semester. Students from various classes get to show all they have learned. There are choirs, bands, skits, sign language, and all kinds of other performances. Photography, crafts and those types of things are usually on display that evening as well so proud parents can check out all their children have accomplished over the past several weeks.

This provides a great opportunity for your child to practice getting up in front of an audience and performing. Or displaying your hard work for all to see.

Having a variety of classes available, experiencing learning under different teachers, making friends, and performing in front of an audience offer so many benefits to your children. Find out if there are any Classes or Co-ops in your area, you will not regret it.

Do you participate in Homeschool Enrichment Classes or a Co-op? What is your favorite part?

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