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Painless Birthday Party Planning (with FREE Party Planning Pack)

Struggling to plan your child’s birthday party? Look no further. These seven birthday party planning tips will make it possible for you to easily plan the perfect party. Don’t forget to grab the FREE Party Planning Pack.

1. Set a budget that fits your financial situation

Don’t worry about needing to spend a bunch of money on a party to make it fun for your child. There are plenty of ways to spend less yet host a party that will leave your child with many fond memories. Brainstorm a list of creative, budget-friendly ideas. Search Pinterest to jump-start your list if needed.

2. Pick a date and time

Pick a day of the week when it will be easiest to get everyone together. Choose the time of day thinking about naps or anything else you need to take into account. Also consider if you will serve a meal, just cake and ice cream, or snacks when setting the time.

3. Determine the size of the party and write the guest list

Who are you planning to invite to the party? Family, friends, extended family? Getting an idea of how many people may attend will help you as you move forward with your plans.

Birthday Party Planning Tips

4. Choose the location of the party

Do you want to have the party at your house? Do you want to rent a venue? Is there a park nearby you want to use? (Have a backup plan in the case of inclement weather.)

5. Select the method of invitation

Will you invite your guests by word of mouth? Will you mail invitations? Will you send invitations via text or social media? Decide on the mode of sharing the invitation then download the free Party Planning Pack from the link below. There are two invitations included–a unicorn one and a vehicles one–fill it out and mail it, take a picture of it and share it on social media, or send it out via e-mail.

6. Pick a theme

Maybe you don’t want to have a specific character themed party–that’s ok. The theme can simply be “dinosaurs” or “blue and green”; it can be as specific or general as you want. Think about your child and their interests, then choose the theme that best aligns.

Party Planning Pack

7. Decide on the menu

Plan your menu considering the time of day that the party will take place. If the party will be around lunch or dinner time, consider serving a meal (it doesn’t have to be fancy). If not, maybe just snacks with and cake and ice cream would work best.

Now that we’ve gone through the above steps of choosing the details needed to setup the party, we can get into the nitty gritty of actually writing out a doable plan for the big day.

Whip out that handy FREE Party Planning Pack you just downloaded and printed and let’s get started!

Begin by filling in the blanks related to the decisions you have just made about the party on the Party Planning Guide form. Then, move on to the Birthday Party Planner form and fill in those details.

Now, take a look at that Party Budget form and give it a go. Hint: look online to get an idea of how much items are going to cost. 

Continuing on, fill out the Guest List form with names of all of the families or individuals you plan to invite. Finally, print out the invitations and fill them out. Take a picture of the completed invitation so you can attach it to a text message or e-mail, if you decided to go that route, or fold it, stick it in an envelope, and send it on its way!

Keep the Party Planning Pack handy so you can refer to it as the party approaches. It will go much smoother knowing what you need to do and when.

Remember to enjoy the party–kids grow up way too fast!

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Do you have any other party planning tips to share?

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